Siemens Acuson S2000

Acuson S2000 ClinicalAcuson S2000 Clinical
  • Dynamic TCE™ Tissue Contrast Enhancement Technology - A powerful algorithm which provides advanced speckle reduction in combination with enhanced contrast resolution.
  • Advanced SieClear™ Spatial Compounding Technology – A real-time compounding technique that applies industry-leading 13 lines of sight to improve contrast resolution and border detection
  • TEQ™ Technology – Offers a sophisticated solution for 2D and spectral Doppler imaging optimization with a push of a button
  • HD Zoom - Delivering greater detail resolution and higher frame rates, HD Zoom facilitates evaluation and measurements of complex anatomy
  • Clarify™ Vascular Enhancement Technology - Reduces noise and artifacts to provide exceptional contrast resolution and clear delineation of micro– and macrovasculature in superficial organs and vessels
  • Custom Tissue Imaging - Siemens exclusive technology adapts image acquisition for the speed of sound in tissue. Real-time optimization improves axial and contrast resolution to provide exquisite 2D image quality.
  • eSie Touch™ Elasticity Imaging
  • Evaluate tissue strain from the abdomen to small parts with an extraordinary degree of sensitivity
  • Gain further insight into lesion pathology
  • Available on linear, curved & endocavity transducers
  • Easy-to-use assessment tools facilitate analysis of lesion composition and size
  • Virtual Touch Technology*
  • Siemens' second generation implementation of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) technology
  • Minimizes user-variation and maximizes reproducibility and accuracy
  • Both qualitative imaging and quantitative assessment modes
  • Optimized for abdomen, renal, breast & thyroid
  • Comprehensive contrast imaging and analysis capabilities
  • Cadence™ Contrast Pulse Sequencing Technology - Delivers dramatic detail and contrast resolution
  • Mix Mode - Produces a real-time overlay of the contrast agent on the B-mode image
  • Cadence™ CPS Capture - Provides detailed vascular “roadmapping”
  • Contrast Dynamics™ Software - Enables quantitative assessment
  • Advanced fourSight™ Technology - Offers comprehensive 3D/4D acquisition, data rendering and post processing including MultiSlice, Thick Slice imaging and inversion mode
  • Skeletal Rendering - Delivers superior visualization of bony structures with unprecedented detail
  • Amnioscopic Rendering - Diffuses user-moveable light into the imaged structure, yielding the most photo-realistic fetal ultrasound images ever produced
  • Fetal Heart STIC Imaging - Automated acquisition of fetal heart volumes for detailed anatomical evaluation of the fetal heart
  • Stereoscopic 3D imaging - An extraordinary visualization and communications tool
  • Data Transfer to Nuance PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting - Offers significant clinical, workflow and financial benefits to customers who utilize the PowerScribe 360 Reporting system. This feature allows the ACUSON S2000 system to seamlessly and automatically transfer all data from any exam type directly into the PowerScribe 360 Reporting system, potentially eliminating all manual data transcription and dictation.
  • Multi-modality Review - Allows the user to import and view historic ultrasound, CT, MR, or mammography exams in a split screen comparison with real-time ultrasound
  • syngo® eSieCalcs™ Native Tracing Software - Proprietary border detection technology facilitates lesion or anatomical structure boundary segmentation. Single button activation delivers unprecedented speed and reproducibility. Automatically calculates 2D area/volume or 3D volume measurement anywhere manual tracing is possible.
  • syngo® Auto OB Measurements - Recognizes anatomic landmarks for standard biometric measurements and automatically performs measurements at the touch of a button. This breakthrough technology provides up to a 75% reduction in keystrokes, reducing exam time and substantially improving consistency of serial measurements
  • Powered by McAfee Embedded Security
  • Protects the system against Advanced Persistent Threats, viruses, malware and other executing software
  • Small footprint, low-overhead software combines industry-leading application control and change control technology to ensure that only trusted applications run on devices
Acuson S2000 Features:
  • 19" LCD Monitor with Articulating Arm
  • Quick Start Standby Mode
  • Digital Storage & Image Archiving
  • 1.5 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • 650 MB CD-R / 4.7 GB DVD-R
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Exam Restart/Review
  • DICOM Connectivity
  • Onboard Image Storage/Review
  • Onboard Internal 40 GB Hard Drive
  • ErgoDynamic™ Imaging System
Acuson S2000 Applications:
  • 7CF2(2-7MHz) Volumetric Curved Array
  • 6C2(2-6MHz) Curved Vector Array
  • 6C1 HD(1.5-6MHz) Curved Vector Array
  • 4C1(1-4.5MHz) Curved Vector Array
  • 9EVF4(4-9MHz) Endovaginal Volume Array
  • EC9-4(3.75-9MHz) Endocavity Curved Array
  • EV-8C4(4-9MHz) Endovaginal Curved Array
  • 4P1(1-4.5MHz) Vector Array
  • 10V4(4-10MHz) Vector Array
  • 8V3(2.5-8MHz) Vector Array
  • 4V1(1-4.5MHz) Vector Array
  • 4V1c(1-4.5MHz) Sector Array
  • 18L6 HD(5.5-18MHz) Linear Array
  • 14L5 SP(5-14MHz) Hockey
  • 14L5(5-14MHz) Linear Array
  • 9L4(4-9MHz) Linear Array
  • V7M(4-8MHz) Vector Phased Array
  • V5Ms(3-7MHz) Phased Array
  • CW5(5MHz) Pencil
  • CW2(2MHz) Tee
  • AcuNav 8F+(4-10MHz) Catheter
  • AcuNav 10F+(4-10MHz) Catheter
For over 15 years, Vomark Technologies has considered its mission to provide stellar service. By understanding the needs required to cultivate healthy relationships with our business partners, in their entirety, we are able to continually streamline the sales and/or servicing of medical imaging devices. Our reach spans worldwide, and we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service, regardless of location, by offering only the highest quality certified OEM parts at the lowest price feasible.

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